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[Neighborhood business and events]

1. Maintenance of security lights

2. Implement disaster prevention measures and activities

3. Safety and beautification of the environment in the town

4. Conduct public relations activities in the town block.

5. Cooperate with traffic safety campaigns (April / September)

6. Radio exercises (July: Zenkoji precincts)

7. Konno Hachimangu Festival (September)

8. Member recreation (October / November)

9. Patrol in the end of the year (December)

10, New Year party (January)

11. Co-sponsor the Keiro event

12. Sponsoring the Japanese Red Cross Society business

13. Co-sponsor the business of both companies (Omatsu Inari Shrine, Akiba Shrine)

14. Co-sponsor the Aoyama Omotesando Shotenkai business

15. Contact administrative agencies such as ward offices, fire stations, police stations, cleaning offices, and health centers

16. Issue a membership list

​17 and other businesses deemed necessary by the Society

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