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Aoyama Omotesando Town Association Regulations

[Chapter 1 General Rules]

・ Article 1 The Society is called the Aoyama Omotesando Town Association and has an office located at 5-1-7 Minami Aoyama.
・ Article 2 The purpose of this association is to deepen mutual friendship among members, promote joint welfare, and build a bright and clean town.
・ Article 3 The Society will carry out the following projects in order to achieve the purpose of the preceding article.
1. Thing about crime prevention, fire prevention, traffic.
1. Health, satellite, cleanliness.
1. Congratulations, commendations, condolences, disaster visits.
1. Thing about youth upbringing.
1. Other than that, matters related to joint welfare promotion and public relations organizations.
1. Matters related to contact with good neighbors.
1. Businesses that are deemed necessary to achieve the objectives of the Sotokai in each of the preceding items.
・ Article 4 The members of this association are residents and business establishments in Minami Aoyama 3-chome, Minami Aoyama 4-chome, a part of Kita Aoyama 3-chome, and Minami Aoyama 5-chome.
・ Article 4-2
Corporate establishments that are outside the area of the Society and agree with the purpose of the Society may also join the Board of Directors as supporting members by resolution.
・ Article 5 The membership fee of the Society shall be 500 yen or more per unit per month (5 or more for corporations), and apartments such as buildings, condominiums and apartments shall be separately determined according to the number and scale of households.

[Chapter 2 Officers]

・ Article 6

The following officers will be appointed to the Society.

1. Chairman: 1 person

1. Vice Chairman: Some people

1. Permanent director: Some (general manager and district manager)

1. Director: Some people

1. Group leader: Some people

1, Auditor: 2 people

・ Article 7

The president represents the society and manages the affairs.

The vice-chairman assists the chairman, and if there is an accident with the chairman, he will act on behalf of the chairman, and the standing director in charge of the separate division of the attached table will execute the regular meeting under the direction of the chairman.

The auditor audits general affairs and accounting and reports the results to the board of directors and the general meeting.

・ Article 8

The chairman and auditors are elected at the general meeting.

The vice-chairman and district heads are appointed by the chairman.

​ ・ Article 9

The term of office of officers shall be two years. However, reappointment is not hindered. The term of office of an officer due to a substitute shall be the predecessor organization of the predecessor. Officers will continue to perform their duties even after the end of their term of office until a successor is determined.

・ Article 10

The chairman may commission an honorary chairman's advisor and advisor to the general meeting. ​ Advisors and advisors can attend meetings and express their opinions.

[Chapter 3 Meeting]

・ Article 11

The meetings of the Society shall be the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.

・ Article 12

The general meeting shall be a regular general meeting and an extraordinary general meeting.

The regular general meeting is held in May every year, and the extraordinary general meeting is convened by the chairman to the board of directors as necessary.

Or open when requested by more than one-fifth of the members.

・ Article 13

The matters to be submitted to the general meeting are as follows.

1. Change of terms

1. Determination of income and expenditure budget and business plan

1. Certification of income and expenditure budget and business report

・ Article 14

Hold a board of directors as necessary to manage the affairs.

・ Article 15

A meeting cannot be completed without the attendance of one-third (including a power of attorney).

・ Article 16

​ The proceedings are decided by a majority of the attendees (including power of attorney).

[Chapter 4 Mechanism]

・ Article 17

The following departments will be established to execute the business stipulated in Article 3.
I, General Affairs Department I, Accounting Department

1. Security Department

1. Fire and disaster prevention department

1. Traffic Department

1. Environment Department

1. Festival club

1. Welfare Department

One, women's department

One, youth club

1. Public Relations Department

・ Article 18

In order to execute the business set forth in the preceding article, a manager in charge and a deputy manager will be appointed by the chairman from among the officers.

The detailed rules necessary for the implementation of this agreement will be decided by the permanent member of the Council. In case of emergency, the chairman will be decided.

[Chapter 5 Accounting]

・ Article 19 The expenses of the Society shall be covered by membership fees, donations and other income.
・ Article 20 The fiscal year begins on April 1st of each year and ends on March 31st of the following year.
・ Article 21 The chairman prepares a budget for income and expenditure every year and attaches it to the decision of the general meeting.
・ Article 22 The general manager of the accounting department must measure to the permanent member of the council, prepare financial statements immediately after the end of each fiscal year, audit the auditors, and obtain approval from the general meeting.
・ Article 23 Members can freely browse accounting books, etc.
・ When the supplementary member and his / her spouse die, an offering will be sent.

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